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A bicycle is a simple two wheeled mode of transportation, but it does involve a lot of parts. For a bike to work efficiently there needs to be perfect synchronization and function of all the parts. The bikes of today include many new elements, but never the less the standard bicycle has the same basic parts it has always had. Here at Cycle Parts Warehouse we are going to look at some to the different parts and discover what is important and where to find them and how to save money on them.

Though you most likely already know this, the basic parts that make up a bicycle are;
The frame: The front fork: The wheels: The brakes: The chain and gears: and other parts including, the seat post and seat, handlebar stem and handlebars, cranks and pedals.

The frame certainly is the most important part of a bike and really is its foundation. The brand of a bike basically determines the frame only as that is really all the manufacturer actually makes. There are really two main materials frames are made from today, aluminum and carbon fiber so the material, construction, weight and warranty are things that need to be considered. Though most frames are indistinguishable from looking at them as far as strength is concerned but their durability is another question. Their durability is related to the quality of manufacture.

Mountain bikes offer lightweight frames for increased maneuverability. That is whay the often commonly feature a hollow aluminum frame which decreases the overall weight of the bike. A top quality mountain bike weighs less than 30 lbs.

The rest of the parts of a bike are typically manufactured by a number of different companies and depending on what the bike manufacture is trying to achieve with the bike different manufacturers of these components are utilized and their parts installed on the frame.

Shimano is one of the big manufacturers of components and have a great line of parts. But today they are seeing a lot of competition from other sometimes smaller companies who really specialize in certain component parts like Tectro for brakes. I would have to say at this point most bike companies tend to mix Shimano parts with other group-sets from some of these other manufacturers.

It’s certainly is important to check things out thoughly to determine the true value and suitability of what you are looking at purchasing. Some parts by smaller companies are very good and can be the best choice rather than Shimano. You also need to know that each company manufactures several different qualities of the same part so even though it says Shimano you need to know where it stands on their quality scale.

When it comes to a mountain bike really any kind of bike there is continuously innovation happening. This leads to changes and improvements all the time. Understanding what is happening will help you decide what is important to you and what is good for your particular type of riding.

So here at Cycle Parts Warehouse we are going to be looking closer at some of the different options and hopefully this will help you make an informed decision on your next bike purchase.